Oh yay, I am so excited that you want to create a new stunning online presence with my Website2Go, but hold on for just one second and don't miss out on our Special Hosting Offer!

Take advantage of our Business Hosting

Our business hosting allows us to provide you with a competitive hosting option.

  • 6 Months free hosting

    Get 6 months of free hosting, no strings attached. After the 6 months you will automatically be charged US$8 per month until you cancel your subscription. You can change hosting providers at any time.

  • Free SSL Certificate

    SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, is a security blanket that creates a safe data path between your web server and the web browser of anyone who is visiting your website. If there is no SSL encryption present on a website, any hacker can steal sensitive data from your website and site visitors. That is why some people are apprehensive about browsing websites that do not have SSL encryption. SSL certificates are especially important if you plan on processing credit card payments.

  • Free domain specific Email

    Want your own free domainspecific email address ie hello@yourdomain.com? This is included in your hosting plan with us. Simply provide us with the email address you would like.

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